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Application: Mail Web version

You can create an event from an email in any folder except the Drafts.

For more information about events, see Work with events.


To create an event from an email, do the following:

1.Select an email. The email will open in the Reading pane.

2.On the toolbar of the email in the Reading pane, click2_2 More.


3.In the drop-down menu, select Create event. The current user's calendar and the event creation window will open in a new tab. The following event parameters will be filled in automatically:

Attendees: Information from the To field of the original email.

Optional attendees: Information from the Copy field of the original email.

The event start time: The current time.

Description: The text of the email. If the event is created based on a thread of emails, only the text of the last email and the quote of the penultimate one are displayed.

4.If needed, edit the event parameters.

5.Click Create.

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