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Application: Mail Web version

To search for the desired email in the list of email, do the following:

1.On the Navigation bar, select the folder where the desired message is supposed to be located.

2.Click the7_7Search mails button located on the Toolbar of the workspace. A search bar will appear on the Toolbar.

3.Enter a search request (sender's name, a word or phrase from the subject of the email).

4.Press the Enter key on the keyboard to confirm the input. The search results will be displayed below the search bar.

To close the search bar, click15 Hide search.


To clarify the search criteria, do the following:

1.Click the4_4 Extended search button on the right side of the Toolbar. Additional fields for entering information will open.

2.Enter the required search criteria.

3.Click the Search button.

To close the Extended search pane, click the 4_4 Extended search button again.

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