mailWeb version
Application: Mail Web version

Keyboard shortcut

Command or action


Open a window to compose an email or create an event


Open a window to create an email in a new tab


Add an attachment to an email or event




Reply to all




Close the viewed email or event


Mark as read


Mark as unread


Mark as spam/not spam


Select an email/deselect an email


Select all emails/deselect all emails


Select the current and next email in the list


Select the current and previous email in the list


Go to the next email


Go to the previous email


Switch between pages


Go to the last page of the folder


Go to the first page of the folder


Print the email


Delete to Trash


Copy selected text


Cut the selected text


Insert text in the field

    In the New message window:


Send an email


Save the email in drafts


Undo the last action


Repeat the canceled action


Insert a link into the text


Set the selected text to bold style


Set the selected text to the italics style


Set the highlighted text to the underlined style


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