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You can add one or more tags to each email. Tags help you navigate through the list of emails and make it easier to find the right emails.

To assign tags to an email, do one of the following:

1.Select an email in the list. The email will open in the Reading pane, or open it in a new tab of the web browser.

2.Click the insertion_of_a_label button in the Reading pane to open a drop-down list with tags.


You cannot add new tags, but you can change the name and color of existing ones. To do this, select the Label  settings command and configure the tags.


3.Select the desired items (one or more) in the list. The selected items will be marked as checkbox_label. You can assign multiple tags to each email at once). In the list of emails, the marked email will be displayed with marks of the appropriate colors.



1.Select emails (one or more) from the list of emails.

2.Click2_2 the More button on the Toolbar of the email list.

3.In the menu that opens, select the Add label command, and a drop-down list with tags will open.

4.Select the desired items (one or more) in the list. Tags will be assigned to all selected emails at once.

5.To close the menu, left-click anywhere on the page outside its borders.


The tags assigned to the message are displayed in the list of messages and in the display area of the selected message. When you move an email between folders, the tags are saved.


You can use the extended search to find an email or a group of emails that have tags. To do this, simply select the desired tag from the drop-down list of the Tags field and click the Search button.

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