If the incoming message contains attachments, they will be displayed under the Toolbar of the email. If there are multiple attachments, the list can be collapsed. To display the entire list, click31 to the right of the attachments. Files added by the user when sending the email are displayed as attachments. That means that images from the signature and other files that are not the user-uploaded attachments are not displayed in the list of attachments in the email.

To see the file attached to the email, click it thumbnail in the email Reading pane. The file will be opened in the new browser tab.

To download a file to the user's device, click 24-download Download on the file thumbnail (displayed when the pointer is over the attachment thumbnail). The file will be downloaded to the default download folder on the user's device.

To download multiple or all the attached files to the user’s device:

1.Select the file thumbnail check box (the check box is displayed when you hover the pointer over the attachment thumbnail).

2.Click Download selected above the attachment list.

3.Select Download as archive or Download files explicitly from the drop-down list.

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