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Application: Mail Web version

1.Go to the Calendar section (see View a calendar).

2.Use any of the following ways:

Find an event in the calendar grid (see View a calendar). Hover the cursor over the event. A tooltip with information will appear. Or left-click the event to open a window with information.

Find the desired event on the calendar. In the list of search results, left-click the event. A window with information will open.


The event information window displays the event attendees' responses to the invitations sent to them (to the left of the attendee's name):

viz_sob : The attendee did not respond to the request to participate in the created event.

podtv2 : Participation accepted.

podtv3 : Participation is tentatively confirmed.

podtv4 : Participation declined.

The event information window also displays information about the availability of resources (meeting rooms): the resource is busy – the red door icon, free – the green door, the answer is expected – the gray door.

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