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Any incoming/outgoing email can be flaggedthe_importance_of_writing_orange. The flagged emails continue to be in the original folder, but they are duplicated in the Flagged folder, which makes it easier to find them.

To flag an email, click the_importance_of_writing Flag on the mini-pane of the email. The button will change color as follows: the_importance_of_writing_orange .

To uncheck the box, clickthe_importance_of_writing_orange Unflag on the mini-message pane. The button will return to its original appearance the_importance_of_writing, and the message will disappear from the Flagged folder.

Emails marked with a flag in the Trash and Junk folders are not duplicated in the Flagged folder.

When you move a flagged message to the Trash and Junk folder, the the_importance_of_writing_orange flag is saved.


Actions with emails in the Flagged folder

You can select only one email in the Flagged folder.

To select an email, left-click the avatar, and a Toolbar will appear to the right of the folder name:


The Toolbar contains buttons:

1.3_3 Mark as unread/read: The button allows you to mark the selected email as unread /read.

2.18 Delete: The button allows to delete the selected message.

3.2_2More options: The button to open an additional menu with the commands:Add label and Spam.

All actions with the selected message are performed in the same way as in other folders.



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