Application: Mail Desktop version

The quick filter bar is used to filter the list of messages by various parameters.

To hide/display the quick filter bar, do one of the following:

In the Menu Bar, check/uncheck View > Toolbars > Quick Filter Bar button.

On the Toolbar of the application, click the quick_filter_btn button.

Press Ctrl+Shift+K/Shift+clip0001 Cmd+K.

A quick message filter bar appears in the message window.


Click the fix_filter button to lock the filter when you switch folders.

Click the filter_unread_button button to display only unread messages.

Click the filter_flagged_messages_btn button to display only marked messages.

Click the filter_address_book_contact_btn button to display only messages from people in your address book.

Click the filter_labeled_btnbutton to display only tagged messages.

Click the attachments_btn_filter button to display messages with attachments only.

Use the filter field to enter a search template.

To filter messages by text, you can use the filtering template entry field on the right side of the bar. When you enter text:

The buttons will appear, allowing you to select the fields to which filtering will be applied: Sender, Recipients, Subject, Body button.

The contents of the message list will change.

The current number of messages matching this filter will be displayed to the left of the entry field.

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