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Application: Mail Desktop version

The sent message can be withdrawn, that is, deleted from the recipient's mailbox. You can recall a message if the recipient has not yet read it.

To recall a message you sent earlier, follow these steps:

1.Go to the Sent folder and select the desired message in the list.

2.On the action bar of this message, click more More actions. In the drop-down list, select Revoke letter.

3.In the Letter revocation window, select the recipients from whom you want to revoke the message, or select the Select All check box if you want to revoke the message from all recipients.

4.If you want to be notified of the results of a recall, check the Notify about results.

5.Click the Revoke letter.

If the Notify about results box is checked in the Letter revocation window and the recipient has not yet read the email, a notification about the successful withdrawal of the message will be sent to the email.

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