The threaded mode allows you to display messages in a hierarchical form. This is convenient to use in situations where several people respond to messages in the mailing list.

To present a list of emails as a thread On the Toolbar, click the menu call button calendar_menu_btn MyOffice Mail menu, and in the menu that appears, select View > Sort by > Threaded. To return to the original view, select View > Sort by > Unthreaded.

In threaded mode, the message list window looks like this .


It is possible to perform actions for all messages in the discussion thread (for example, delete, archive or mark them). To do this, select the collapsed thread and select the appropriate action, for example, using the context menu. You can still perform actions for any individual message by expanding the thread and selecting the desired message.

If you are not interested in a thread on the mailing list, you can skip it. This will hide (but not delete) the thread from your message list and disable new mail notifications for new replies.

hmtoggle_arrow1 Ignore the thread

hmtoggle_arrow1 Skip the sub-thread

hmtoggle_arrow1 Track the thread



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