Application: Mail Desktop version

To configure the anti-spam filter, open the account settings pane in one of the following ways:

On the Menu Bar, select Tools > Account.

In the folder window, select the desired account, right-click the context menu, and select Settings.

In the Account Settings pane that opens go to the account menu item Junk Settings.


Configuring junk settings

1.Turn on the anti-spam filter using the switch Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account.

2.Specify the address books whose recipients are contained in the emails. Such emails will not be marked as junk.

3.Use the fields in the email headers to identify junk.

Destination folder and email storage conditions

1.Define rules for moving new messages identified as junk.

2.Define the period of automatic deletion of junk from folders.

3.Click the Global Junk Preferences to go to privacy and security settings pane.

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