To open the calendar settings pane, go to the settings pane and click the privacy_btn button.


In this section, you can set privacy settings, such as:

Allow content from the internet to be displayed in messages

Remember visited websites and links

Cookie settings from websites

Sending a "Do not Track" signal to websites if you do not want to be tracked.


Use the settings in this section to manage account passwords and use the master password to protect passwords.


In this section, you can configure the anti-spam filter settings, such as:

Actions to be performed when a message is marked as junk.

Mark junk messages as read

Adaptive anti-spam filter log settings

Collection and use of MyOffice Mail data

This setting allows you to allow the MyOffice Mail application to send technical data and user interaction data with the application.


In this section, you can configure the protection settings, such as:

Informing about possible fraud

Using antivirus when checking for incoming messages

Manage certificates and security devices


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