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To configure end-to-end encryption of emails, open the account settings pane in one of the following ways:

On the Menu Bar, select Tools > Account Settings.

In the folders window, select the desired account. In the pane that opens on the right, click encoding_btn.

In the folder window, select the desired account, right-click the context menu, and select Settings.

In the Account Settings pane that opens, go to the account menu item End-To-End Encryption.



Create a private OpenPGP key for your account or upload a ready-made one. To do this, click add_openpgp_key button. A dialog box will open on the screen.


Select Generate a new OpenPGP Key. The key creation dialog box will appear on the screen.


Select the key expiration date, type, and size. Click OK.

If you decide to import a ready-made key, select Import an existing OpenPGP key. A dialog box will appear on the screen.


Click Select File to Import, select the saved key from the disk, click OK.


Configure the certificates:

1.Select a personal certificate for digital signature.

2.Select a personal certificate for encryption.

Click the Manage S/MIME Certificates button to open the certificate management dialog. Click the S/MIME Security Devices to open the device management dialog.

Default settings for sending messages

Set the encryption settings for messages:

1.Do not encryption by default/Require encryption by default.

2.Add a digital signature to messages.


Additional parameters

Configure additional message encryption settings:

1.Option to add a public key when adding an OpenPGP digital signature.

2.Option to encrypt the subject of OpenPGP messages.

3.Option to store draft messages in encrypted format.

4.Select a preferred encryption technology.

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