To configure end-to-end encryption of emails, open the account settings pane in one of the following ways:

Select the Menu Bar item Tools > Account Settings

In the folders window, select the desired account. In the pane that opens on the right, clickencoding_btn

In the folder window, select the desired account, right-click the context menu, and select Settings.

In the Account Settings pane that opens go to the account menu item End-To-End Encryption.




Create a private OpenPGP key for your account or upload a ready-made one. To do this, click add_openpgp_key. A dialog box will open on the screen.


Select Add Key. The key creation dialog box will appear on the screen.


Select the key expiration date, type, and size. Click OK.

If you decide to import a ready-made key, select Import an existing OpenPGP key. A dialog box will appear on the screen.


Click Selecting a file to import, select the saved key from the disk, click OK.


Configure the certificates:

1.Select a personal certificate for digital signature.

2.Select a personal certificate for encryption.

Click the Manage S/MIME Certificates to open the certificate management dialog. Click the S/MIME Security Devices to open the device management dialog.

Default settings for sending messages

Set the encryption settings for messages:

1.Do not encryption by default/ Require encryption by default

2.Add a digital signature to messages.

3.The choice of message encryption technology.



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