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Any file and folder stored in MyOffice Documents can be downloaded to your computer's file system and to external media. The file can be downloaded in its original format or with conversion to another format.

Download with conversion is supported for the following file formats:

.xodt (can be converted to .docx, .odt, and .pdf)

.docm (can be converted to .pdf)

.xods (can be converted to .xlsx, .ods, and .pdf)

.ods (can be converted to .xods and .pdf)

.xlsx (can be converted to .xods and .pdf)

.xlsm (can be converted to .pdf)

.xltx (can be converted to .xots и .pdf)

.xodp (can be converted to .pptx, .odp и .pdf)

.pptm (can be converted to .pdf)

When downloading, files and folders are copied from MyOffice Documents to the file system of the computer.

To download a file or folder, start with one of the following:

Click button_download Download on the Toolbar.

Right-click the file name and select Download in the context menu.

To download a document, do the following:

1.Select the document that you want to download by clicking its icon.

2.Use one of the downloading methods.

3.In the opened window, select the desired format by clicking it on the list.

In order to ensure that a document with an electronic signature does not become invalid, you need to download it in its original format.

When you download a document with a detached electronic signature, check the Download along with signature file check box in the download format selection window. As a result, an archive containing the document and signature files will be downloaded to the user's device.

File converting will start (if a different format than the current one was selected during the download). Once converted, the download will start. The information about the downloaded files will be displayed in the download bar of your web browser.

File downloading process depends on the browser used and its settings. A window may appear asking you to select a place to save the file on the disk. Or files may automatically be downloaded to the folder previously defined by the user.

Download a group of files or folders

You can download a group of files or the entire folder during one operation. A group of files or all files in a folder along with their attachments are archived and stored in the file system of your computer.

The shortcuts contained in the downloaded folder will not be present in the downloaded archive.

If you select many files, the downloaded files will be split into multiple archives.

To download a group of files or folders:

1.Select the files that you want to download by clicking their icons. Or select all elements in the current folder.

2.Use one of the ways to download files.

Downloading will begin. The final archive is automatically assigned the name as follows:, where YYYYY-MM-DD is the downloading date.

You can use the following key combinations to select files:

Ctrl/Cmd+A: Select all files in the folder.

Ctrl/Cmd: Select multiple files. Press this key and click anywhere in the line of the file that you want to select.

Shift: Select a range of files. Keep this key pressed and click anywhere on the line of the first file of the range and then on the line of the last file of the range.

Esc: Cancel the selection of files.

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