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To find information in the current file, do the following:

1.Open the search pane in one of the following ways:

In the Command menu, select Edit > Find and replace (not available in the view-only files).

On the Sidebar, click knpk_find.

Use the Ctrl+F (command Cmd+F) keyboard shortcut.

2.To find information in the current document, in the Find & Replace tab that appears, enter the data you are looking for in the Find field. The search is performed automatically as you enter the first character. If necessary, use the Search section to specify search parameters.

In view-only files, searching for information in the headers and footers is not available.

All matches in the text will be highlighted in gray. Fragments highlighted in yellow are the fragments currently being viewed.

To move between the occurrences of the word or phrase, do one of the following:

On the search pane, click knpk_next Previous or knpk_1next Next.

Use the following keyboard shortcuts: Shift+Enter (command Cmd+return Return) to go to the previous occurrence and Enter (return Return) to go to the next search occurrence.

Saving the search results

The application stores an unlimited number of search requests of at least three characters in length. When you enter at least one character into the Find field, the list of search requests containing this symbol is opened.


You can replace an element in the following ways:

Click Edit > Find and replace.

On the Sidebar, click knpk_find Find and replace.

Press Ctrl+F (command Cmd+F).

To replace data, do the following:

1.In the opened Find and replace tab, enter the text you want to find in the Find field. If necessary, use the Search section to specify search parameters.

2.In the Replace with field, enter the text you want to replace the text found with. If needed, specify the search parameters.

3.Click Replace to replace the current found fragment or click Replace All to replace all fragments found.

In view only documents, the replacement function is not available.

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