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To insert a footnote, do the following:

1.Place the cursor in the place of the text after which you want to insert a footnote.

2.Insert a footnote in one of the following ways:

In the Command menu, select Insert > Footnote.

On the Toolbar, click more More. In the drop-down list, select Footnote.

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F (command Cmd+option Option+F).

3.Enter the text of the footnote.

The created footnote is placed at the bottom of the current page. The numbering of footnotes is automatic. The user can apply text formatting tools to footnotes. To delete a footnote, select and delete the footnote number in the text of the document. The text of the footnote will be deleted automatically.


Changes made to a footnote will not be displayed in the Track changes mode.

Spell checker is not available for footnotes.

Copying footnotes is not supported.

The Find feature is not available for footnotes.

MyOffice Text displays endnotes created in third-party editors.
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