Application: Text Web version

The application stores up to 50 last actions performed by users. When you close a file, the history is deleted.

Information about the actions not related to the content or formatting is not saved.
For example, actions with zooming or display (change zoom, enable or disable the ruler etc.).


The Undo command cancels the actions performed with the text, images, and table elements.

You can undo the actions in one of the foll owing ways:

On the Toolbar, click knpk_undo.

Click Edit > Undo.

Press Ctrl+Z (command Cmd+Z).


The Redo command repeats the actions previously undone by users.

You can redo the actions in one of the following ways:

If the window size does not allow you to display the entire Toolbar, to repeat the action, click the arrow to the right of the knpk_undo Undo button and select Redo.

In the Command menu, select Edit > Redo.

Press Ctrl+Y (command Cmd+Y).

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