If MyOffice Mail is integrated, users with the Can view access permissions can send a request for editing a file directly out of MyOffice Presentation (Beta). To do this:

1.Open the file in MyOffice Presentation (Beta).

2.Click Request edit access to the right of the Control bar.

3.In the window that opens, select who to send the access request to (the owner and/or a user with management permissions). If management permissions are provided for a file, a list including the document owner as well as all users with management permissions is available. The list is sorted alphabetically. To send a request access, select one or multiple users from the list.

When selecting a user, you can view additional information about the user. To do this, move the mouse cursor over the tab of the desired user, then move the cursor over the info2 icon.

4.If needed, add an explanation why you need the access in the respective field.

5.Click Send.

The owner and/or user with permissions to manage the file/folder will receive an email requesting access. To provide access to the object, click Configure access in the received email, and then the object will be automatically moved to the file storage. If the element has already been moved to Trash, when you click the link from the access request email, a warning will be displayed on the screen and the element will be highlighted in the list of files in Trash.

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