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In order to edit the event parameters, do the following:

1.Open the event by left-clicking.

2.In the window that opens with information about the event, click Edit.

3.In the window with event parameters that opens, make the necessary changes. The basic rules for filling in the fields when editing an event are the same as when creating a new event.

4.Click the Save button.


When making changes to a recurring event, a menu will appear to select whether to make changes to a single (selected) event or to the entire series of recurrences. If the date of the first event in the entire series of events with the recurrence frequency Other is changed and it does not coincide with the previously selected recurrence day, the edit form displays information about the inconsistency of the new date with the recurrence days and the need to select another date or nature of the recurrences. You cannot save an event with a mismatched recurrence date and day, the changes will not be saved when you close the event edit form.

An event can be rescheduled to another date by moving it with the mouse between the event organizer's calendars or along the time coordinate grid. When you move a recurring event between the organizer's calendars, the entire chain of events, including the selected one, is moved.

Inform event attendees about the changes made

Required event attendees, including required attendees with external mailbox email addresses, are automatically notified when event details change. Optional event attendees, including those with external mailbox email addresses, will only receive notifications of changes to event details with an optional participation note if they have not already declined the invitation. If an optional attendee's status was changed to a required attendee during the change process, that attendee will be sent a notification of the change in event details, even if they have previously declined the offer to participate.

In case of minor changes, to disable sending notifications of event changes to attendees' email addresses, uncheck the Notify about changes box before clicking Save.

Attendees with external mailbox email addresses will be notified of changes automatically, regardless of checking the box and the importance of the adjustments being made.

If new attendees have been added to the event, the form will show an option to choose how to notify attendees. Click Send in the lower right corner of the form and select the necessary option (To new attendees, To all attendees) from the drop-down list. If the Notify about changes box is unchecked when adding new attendees, the event will be automatically updated when the Send button is clicked, no notifications will be sent.

If Notify about changes was selected when saving changes, then as a result of the operation, the attendees of the event (including attendees with email addresses of external mailboxes), except for those who have already declined the invitation, will receive notification emails indicating the changes made to the event, which will be automatically combined into an email thread, provided that the Use threads for mails with same subject option is checked.

If the date or time of the meeting was changed as a result of the operation, the status of the attendees originally invited to the event is reset. Notification of changes in the details of the event (new invitation) is sent to all attendees, including those who previously rejected this event.

If, when editing an event, the user clicks on any place in the calendar that is outside the event editing form, or attempts to close the tab (window) of the web browser in which the event is being edited, a warning about the unsaved changes will be displayed on the screen, requiring confirmation of the action.

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