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In order to cancel an event, do the following:

1.Left-click to open a window with information about the event.

2.Click the Cancel event button. A window will open asking you to confirm the deletion.

3.Confirm the deletion of the event by clicking Yes, delete. The Event cancellation notification window will open.

4.In the Event cancellation notification window, do the following:

Enter the reason for the cancellation of the event, which will be sent to all participants of the event in a notification email. Entering the reason for cancellation is optional.

Click the Cancel event button to confirm the cancellation of the event.


Clicking the Cancel button in the Event cancellation notification window will cancel the event deletion operation and return to the event information window.

When canceling a recurring event, after clicking the Cancel event button, a menu will open to select the deletion of one (selected) event or the entire series of recurring event. After selecting an option, a request will be displayed to confirm the deletion of the event or the entire series, depending on the selected option, in which you need to click Yes, delete. Follow the actions described above.

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