The main page of "MyOffice Calendar" contains the following sections:

Navigation bar

The Navigation bar includes the following interface elements:

1.The m_calend (Applications menu) button to select other applications and create a new email or a new event.

2.The New_event button to add a new event.

3.The calendar where the current date is marked.

4.My calendars section which contains the user's calendars.

5.Shared with me section which contains calendars of colleagues to which the user has been granted access

6.The 7 (Avatar) button to access the menu to go to the  user profile or exit the MyOffice account.

7.A group of access button (the button of the active application and the field of the active folder is highlighted):

8(Help): To go to help materials.

9 (Settings): To go to  settings.

10 (Mail): To go to "MyOffice Mail". This button is not displayed if the window is collapsed.

11 (Calendar): To go to "MyOffice Calendar". This button is not displayed if the window is collapsed.

12 (Contacts): To go to "MyOffice Contacts". This button is not displayed if the window is collapsed.

8.The 13 (Collapse) button to collapse the Navigation bar. When collapsed, the button will look like 22 (Expand).

Hide or show calendar

To hide the events from any calendar, uncheck the knpk_view_calendar box next to the calendar name.

To display the events from any calendar, check the knpk_hide_calendar box next to the calendar name. When you select a calendar, the Workspace will display a coordinate grid containing the calendar events for the selected period.


The Toolbar is intended for work with the selected calendar and includes the following elements:

1.The buttons to navigate along the time scale К_Назад К_вперед. The navigation step is the selected unit of time.

2.The currently selected period:

date in the "month DD, YYYY" format if day is selected as the unit of time

start and end dates in the "month DD, YYYY - month DD, YYYY" format if a week is selected as the unit of time

month name in the "month YYYY" format if month is selected as the unit of time.

3.The Today button to automatically return to the current day/week/month.

4.Button for selecting the unit of time:

Day: To display all the events of the selected day.

Week (selected by default): To display all the events of the selected week.

Month: To display the events of the selected month.

5.The 24-filter (Filter) button;

6.The 24-refresh_calend (Refresh) button.

7. The 24 (Tasks) button to go to the Task bar.

You can select a specific month, week and day to display in the Workspace using the К_Назад К_вперед buttons or using the calendar on the Navigation bar. To quickly return to the current day/week/month, click the Today button.

When clicking the 24-filter (Filter) button, an additional menu will open that allows you to filter the events displayed in the Workspace.

To update the calendar manually, click the 24-refresh_calend (Refresh) button.

When clicking the 24 (Tasks) button, an additional task bar will open in "MyOffice Calendar" containing a list of tasks created by the user in the MyOffice software or in third-party applications that are synchronized with "MyOffice Calendar".


The Workspace is a time coordinate grid divided into equal time intervals and containing user events for the selected unit of time. To display events for the day, week or month, click the corresponding button on the Toolbar.

Events in which the user is the organizer are displayed on the timeline with the organizer icon sobstv_sob. Recurring events will be marked in the calendar as recur. When you hover over a recurring event in the calendar, the whole chain of events will be highlighted:

Повтор события_общ

Scheduled events are marked in the user's calendar according to the user's answer. If the user has more than three events scheduled for one date, information about the availability of the event list appears in the corresponding cell.

When viewing events for the day or week, the upper part of the time grid additionally displays All day events.

To continue working with the event, click it in the Workspace.

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