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The main interface page of MyOffice Calendar displays the following sections:


Navigation bar

The Navigation bar includes the following interface elements:

1.m_calend Application menu: The button opens the menu to go to the following sections: MyOffice Mail, MyOffice Contacts and other applications of MyOffice. In addition, you can use the Application menu tocreate a new email, a new document, a table, or a presentation.

2.New_event button: Opens the window of creating a new event.

3.The calendar where the current date is marked.

4.My calendars section: Contains user calendars: the calendar of the main account, as well as calendars of connected accounts (see View the calendar).

5.Shared with me section: Contains calendars of colleagues to which the user has been granted access (see  View a calendar).

At the bottom of the Navigation bar you can find the section switching menu.



The Toolbar allows to work with the selected calendar and includes the following elements:

1.calender_back_whitecalender_forward_whitebuttons to navigate along the time scale . The navigation step is the selected unit of time.

2.The currently selected period:

Date in the "DD month, YYYY" format if day is selected as the unit of time.

Start and end dates in the "DD month, YYYYDD month, YYYY" format if a week is selected as the unit of time.

Month name in the "month, YYYY" format if month is selected as the unit of time.

3.Today button to automatically return to the current day/week/month.

4.Button for selecting the time unit to display in the workspace:

Day: To display all the events of the selected day.

Week (selected by default): To display all the events of the selected week.

Month: To display the events of the selected month.

5.24-refresh_calend Refresh button: Update the calendar manually.

6.24-filter Filter button: Display of events in the workspace depending on the response sent to the invitation. Opening an additional menu in which you can select one or more of the suggested options:




Waiting for response

Organized by me

7.7_7 Search button: Search for events in the calendar.

8.tasks_panel_botton Tasks button: Opens the Taskbar. The Taskbar contains a list of tasks created by the user in MyOffice software or in third-party applications synchronized with MyOffice Calendar.



The workspace is a time coordinate grid divided into equal time intervals. The grid cells display the user events that are scheduled for that time. For more information about displaying events in the workspace, see View a calendar.

You can manage the calendar grid using the buttons located on the Toolbar.


The section switching menu is the same for all sections of MyOffice Mail web application.

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