Application: Mail Web version

For a created event,  it is possible to send an email to all event attendees. For example, it may be useful to send out the meeting outcomes.

In order to send an email to event attendees, do the following:

1.Open the event by left-clicking. The window with information about the event will open.

2.Click the Email attendees button. A new tab of the web browser will open with a window for creating a new email, in which some of the fields will already be filled in:

The subject of the email will be taken from the subject line of the event.

Required event attendees will be the recipients of the email (optional ones are not on the list and meeting resources are not included in the mailing list).

3.Fill in the required fields of the email.

4.Send an email by clickuing the Send button.


The email can be sent by the organizer of the event or by any of its attendees.

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