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Application: Mail Web version

To create a new event with similar participants and recurrence as an existing event, make a copy of the original event and modify it as needed. The following data will be transferred from the original event to the copy:

Event subject (will be prefixed with (Copy))

Event recurrence options and the All day option

Attendees (mandatory and optional).


Description of the event (except for conference links added to the description)


Links to conferences


A copy of the event can be created by the event organizer or any event participant.

The organizer of the new event will be assigned to the user copying the event. The date of the event will be assigned automatically, according to the same rules as the date of the new event.

A copy will be created in the master calendar of the account where the original event is located. If the original event is in a calendar to which the user has been granted access, a copy will be created in the master calendar of the user's primary account.

To create an event based on the existing event, do the following:

1.Click the left mouse button in the calendar to open the event you want to copy. A window with information about the event will open:


2.Click the Copy button. The window of creating a new event with the data copied from the original event according to the rules described above will open.

3.Revise the event parameters as needed. The guidelines for completing the fields while editing an event are identical to those for creating a new event.

4.Click the Create button. A new event will be created.


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