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Application: Mail Desktop version

By default the Folder pane contains the following folders:

1.The Account name folder contains the following sub-folders:

Inbox: Contains the user's incoming messages.

Drafts: Contains saved drafts of the user's messages.

Sent: Contains the user's sent messages.

Archives: Contains messages moved by the user to the archive. This folder appears in the Folder pane after the user moves a message to the archive for the first time.

Junk: Contains questionable incoming messages defined by a number of criteria as junk.

Trash: Contains correspondence deleted by the user.

2.The Local Folders folder contains the following sub-folders:

Deleted: Contains messages deleted by the user while working offline.

Outbox: Contains outgoing unsent mail of the user.

Any of the folders listed except Local Folders > Outbox can contain user-created folders.

To view the contents of a folder, click it with the mouse.

To hide/display the Folder Pane, in the Menu Bar, check/uncheck View > Layout > Folder Pane.

Key combinations for the Folder pane:

F2: Rename a folder.

Del: Delete a folder.

Clicking on the account name opens a toolbar containing tools and settings for the selected account.


The account toolbar contains the following elements:

1. View messages: Go to the Inbox folder.

2. Compose a new message.

3. Advanced search: Open the message search pane.

4. Manage folders: Folder subscription management pane.

5. Rules and filters: Message filters pane.

6. Encryption: Manage end-to-end encryption.

7. Sign out: Sign out of the account.

8. Mail: Add an email account.

9. Calendar: Create a new account.

10. Address Book: Create a new address book.

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