To create a new calendar, do one of the following:

On the Menu Bar, select File > New > Calendar.

Open the calendar toolbar, click the calendar_menu_btn MyOffice Mail menu button on it. In the menu that appears, select New > Calendar.

On the left side of the calendar pane, call a context menu and select New Calendar.

Double-click the left mouse button in the free area of the left part of the calendar pane.

A calendar creation dialog box will appear on the screen. Select the location of the calendar (On My Computer, On the Network).


If you have selected the On the Network option to store your calendar, in the next dialog box, enter the format of the remote calendar and its network address .


In the next dialog box, select the calendar name, color, reminders option, and the email address.


After successfully creating the calendar, click Finish.


The new calendar will be added to the calendar list.

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