List of messages

The list of messages is presented as a table. The table column headers contain the following tools for sorting emails:

1.tree : Display the messages as a tree. In the message tree, the parent item is the first message in the message thread, and the child items are the subsequent messages. : Sort messages by read/unread.

3.important_mark : Sort messages with flag/without flag.

4.attachment_label : Sort messages with flag/without attachment.

5.Subject: Sort messages by subject (alphabetically in forward and reverse order).

6.Author: Sort messages by author (alphabetically in forward and reverse order).

7.Data: Sort messages by date (in ascending and descending order).

8.columns - Customize the table columns by checking/unchecking the drop-down list boxes.

Keyboard shortcuts for the list of messages:

Ctrl+P: Print a message.

Ctrl+S: Save a message as file.

Ctrl+U: View the source message text.

Ctrl+A: Select all messages.

Ctrl+Shift+M: Move/copy the message to the previous target folder.

Del: Delete a message.

Shift+Del: Delete a message permanently.

1 - 9: Assign a tag to a message.

0: Delete a tag from the message.

M: Mark a message as read or unread.

R: Mark a discussion as read.

Shift+С: Mark all messages as read.

С: Mark as read by date.

J: Mark as junk.

Shift+J: Unmark as junk.

S: Flag/unflag.

Space: Scroll down the current message and go to the next unread message.

F: Go to the next message.

B: Go to the previous message.

T: Go to the next unread discussion and mark the current discussion as read.

]: Go to the next viewed message.

[: Go to the previous viewed message.

Message preview area

The message preview area contains the following elements:

1.Information about the sender, the recipient, the subject of the message, and the date when it was sent.

2.Action pane

3.The area to display the content of the message selected in the message list.

4.Attachment area


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