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This operation can be executed if the application is integrated with an email application. You can only send one file in one email.

You can send files by email only if an email client is installed and connected.

You can send any file by email as an attachment. To do so, do the following:

1.In the File menu, click Send via email.

2.In the opened window, select the format for sending the file from the drop-down list.

3.Enter the emails or select them from the contact list by clicking knpk_adress_book.

4.If necessary, hold the cursor over the profile photo or the name of the user to whom you are sending the file to view additional information about the user. Or click Details to move to the page with detailed information on the selected user in MyOffice Contacts (when integrated with MyOffice Mail). Clicking the button will open the information about the user in a new browser tab.

5.You can also write a message which will be displayed in the body of the email (optional).

6.Check the Send a copy to myself box to receive the copy of the email.

7.Click Send.

Files can also be sent by email using MyOffice Documents application.

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