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MyOffice Text automatically saves all changes made by users.

If you close the tab or the browser and your internet connection is slow, some changes might be lost.
Before closing the file, check the Status bar to make sure that All changes saved notification is displayed.

If MyOffice Text detects that changes made to the document had not been automatically saved for a while, a notification will be displayed in the upper part of the window above the Control bar informing that it is impossible to save the document. This notification will also be displayed in the Status bar. You can still work on your document while the notification is displayed. You can also open and copy the information regarding the error by clicking View problem details in the notification window.

Once the connection to the server is reestablished and changes are automatically saved, the notification will not be displayed and MyOffice Text will work as usual.

If you see the notification that changes cannot be saved, you are advised to copy the file content to another document and close the tab or the browser window, if needed.

Users are allocated a certain storage space quota. When the storage limit is exceeded or almost reached, the users will receive the following notifications:

When approaching the set limit: A notification will be displayed above the Control bar that the file storage space is running out. This notification is a warning, and the user can continue working on files without interruption. You can hide the warning by clicking wind_close on the warning or by logging in to MyOffice web applications again. In case the quota problem persists the next day, the notification will be shown to the user once again.

The allocated quota limit has been reached: A notice will be displayed above the Control bar that the file storage space is running out. This warning cannot be hidden, no further operations with files are possible until the quota issue is solved.

To free up space, delete unnecessary files from the storage or contact your system administrator to increase the quota size.

Apart from automatic saving, changes in files are also saved when:

Closing the file


Closing the tab or the browser window


The last actual version is also saved when:

Sending files by email (if an email client is set up)

Creating a copy of the file

Downloading a file

Saving a file as a template

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