The main window of MyOffice Spreadsheet contains the following main sections:

Control bar

Command menu


Formula bar



Sheet tabs

Status bar

The top of the window may contain a notification that there are updates to the application that have occurred in the past 14 calendar days. You can learn more about them by clicking the release notes hyperlink on the notification the release notes will open in a new web browser tab). The notification does not block work with the application and will be displayed for 14 calendar days from the date of system update until the user reads the changes or closes the notification by clicking wind_closeon it.

If MyOffice administrator changes system settings while users are working in the application, a notification will appear at the top of the window. Refresh the current web browser page to ensure the correct functioning. If you try to access an operation for which settings have been changed by the administrator without refreshing the web browser page, an error message will appear on the screen. After refreshing the page, users will be able to continue working in MyOffice software.

Control bar

The Control bar is located above the Command menu.

The Control bar includes the following elements:

but_Menu Applications menu button to go to other applications and to the main navigation page.

File name and extension, which is a full name of the file you are working on.

knpk_mark_file Mark as Important or but_important Unmark button to adds or deletes the opened file to/from the favorites. The file marked as favorite is duplicated in the Starred folder in MyOffice Documents.

Share button to open the form where users can provide shared access.

К_Справка Help: Use this button to open help materials, the release notes with the description of the recent updates of the application and a window with information on the version of the application. Send Feedback hyperlink (displayed if a mail client is connected and a support service mail address was specified by the system administrator in the MyOffice Private Cloud settings). The button may contain the knpk_help_ind indicator informing that there are updates to the application. The indication will be displayed for 14 calendar days from the date of system update until the user checks the information about the changes.

User profile picture with user initials or photo. Clicking this button will display the user profile.

Send Feedback

If a mailing client is connected and the system administrator has specified the mailing address of the support service in the MyOffice Private Cloud settings, when clicking on Send Feedback will open a new tab in the browser containing the feedback form. Fill the Topic box and describe your issue in the Message box. Click Submit to send your feedback.

Command menu

The Command menu of MyOffice Spreadsheet contains the menus reflecting the core features of the application.


The Toolbar contains formatting tools for working with cells, rows and columns, text, charts, and shapes. The availability of tools depends on the selected content of the document.

Formula bar

The Formula bar is the line which you can edit to enter, modify, and view data and formulas. The Formula bar displays the real contents of the selected cell. The Formula bar always displays the text in black, regardless of the color that the user selects for the text in the cell.

The Formula bar can be stretched, expanded/collapsed, or configured to auto-adjust the line to the data of the selected cell.

Stretch the Formula bar

To reduce or enlarge the Formula bar by the value of your choice:

1.Hover the pointer over the bottom border of the Formula bar until it looks like a double-sided arrow.

2.Press the left mouse button to move the border of the Formula bar to the desired mark.

3.Release the left mouse button to set the selected value.

The maximum height to which the Formula bar can be enlarged as a result of stretching is no more than half the current size of the table's workspace.

Once the Formula bar is stretched:

The Развернуть строку Expand Formula Bar button on the right part of the Formula bar will change to Свернуть строку Collapse Formula Bar.

The height of the Formula bar set by the user for a cell becomes the default value for that cell.

Expand/collapse the Formula bar

To increase or decrease the size Formula bar by the selected value, click Развернуть строку Expand Formula Bar/Свернуть строку Collapse Formula Bar on the right side of the Formula bar. Or use the Command menu and select View > Formula Bar > Expand Formula Bar or Collapse Formula Bar. If the user has previously stretched the Formula bar, clicking Развернуть строку Expand Formula Bar will expand the Formula bar to the value set by the user. Fit the Formula bar to data

To automatically adjust the Formula bar to the size of the data in a cell, click fit_to_bar Fit to Data on the right side of the Formula bar. Or check View > Formula Bar > Fit formula bar to data.

Repeat the operation to disable automatic adjustment.

The maximum height to which the Formula bar can be increased when automatic data fitting is turned on is 10% of the workspace size at most.


The Sidebar is an interactive element of MyOffice Spreadsheet interface which allows for accessing to the additional features of the spreadsheet editor.

The Sidebar includes the following panels that open when you click the respective buttons:

File Info: This panel provides information about the document you are working on (available for internal format files only).

Insert: This panel includes elements which can be inserted to the document.

Find & Replace: This panel allows to search for a specific text throughout the document and replace words with words of your choice.

The Sidebar can contain avatars of co-authors (users working on the active document at the same time) if the spreadsheet is opened by users with shared access.

File Info panel

This tab displays short information about the file you are working on:

Location, click on the folder name to go to the document storage (the folder where the document is located).


Created on

Modified on

Information about the user who made the last modifications in the file. When you hover your cursor over the avatar or name of the user who was the last to make edits, a pop-up window will appear with detailed information about the user.

Access right type (only for files that had been shared with the user by other users)

A list of users and groups that have been provided with access (with their access rights), as well as the Share (for the document owner) / Decline access (for users who have been granted access rights) hyperlink. When you hover your cursor over the avatar or name of the user to whom the access right have been provided, a pop-up window will appear with detailed information about the user (not available for groups). If necessary, click the Details button on the pop-up notification to go to the page with contact information in MyOffice Contacts (if the integration with MyOffice Mail is available).

To see the information about the file, click knpk_info File Info on the Sidebar. On go to the Command menu and select File > Info.


The workspace displays the contents of the sheet selected by the user.

The workspace is colored in white.Printing area

You can expand the workspace by adding rows and columns. For more details, seeAdd rows and columns

If you want to open a password-protected file, you will be warned to delete the password and upload the document again.

Sheet tabs

The sheet tabs allow for quick navigation between sheets.

Right-click the sheet name to display the actions that you can perform. For more details, see Sheets.

Status bar

The Status bar displays notifications on the actions performed in the application, the status of changes made, the values of the most frequently used functions, as well as the scale management tools.

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