By default, zoom is 100% when you create a spreadsheet. If necessary, you can zoom it in or zoom out using the Command menu or the Status bar.

Change the zoom using the Status bar

1.With the left mouse button pressed, move the slider to the right or left to zoom in or out, respectively.

2.Click knpk_zoom_in to zoom in or knpk_zoom_out to zoom out. In each case, the zoom increment is 10%.

3.Select the current zoom value with the pointer in the lower right corner, modify it and press Enter to confirm.

4.Press the arrow to the right of the current zoom value and select the zoom from the drop-down list.

Change the zoom using the Command menu

1. On the View menu, select Zoom.

2. In the opened list, select the desired option:

Zoom in: Increase the current zoom by 10%.

Zoom out: Decrease the current zoom by 10%.

Select one of the preset values.

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