By default, zoom is 100% when you create a spreadsheet. The page scale can be changed up or down using the zoom control tools or via the Command menu.

When you change the scale, the font sizes and the size of the document controls do not change.


Zoom management tools

On the right side of the Status bar are the following zoom management tools:

A field for entering the zoom value manually

A button for calling up a list of fixed zoom values

Zoom slider

To change the zoom, use one of the following methods:

Hold down the slider of the zoom slider with the left mouse button and move it left/right to zoom in/out.

Click the buttons knpk_zoom_in or knpk_zoom_out on the sides of the zoom slider to decrease or increase the zoom by 10% or change the value by the nearest multiple of 10.

Place the pointer in the field with the current zoom value, edit it manually, and press Enter.

Click the button knpk_all_changes next to the current zoom value. In the list that opens, select one of the preset zoom values or zoom in/zoom out to increase or decrease by 10% or change the value by the nearest multiple of 10.


Zoom using the zoom menu

1. On the View menu, select Zoom.

2. In the opened list, select the desired option:

Zoom in: Increase the current zoom by 10%.

Zoom out: Decrease the current zoom by 10%.

Select one of the preset values.

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