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MyOffice Spreadsheet allows you to print files.

To print a document, do one of the following:

In the Command menu, click File > Print.

Press Ctrl+P (command Cmd+P).

The Print Settings window will open on the screen which contains the preview section and the settings section.

In the settings section you can specify the following printing parameters:

1.Page Setup:

Printing area (Print current sheet, Print all sheets or Print selection)

Printing page format

Orientation (Portrait, Landscape)

Scaling (Fit to width, Fit to page, Actual size)

Page order (Down, then over or Over, then down)


Gridlines: Print the document with gridlines

Row and column headings: Print document with headings

Print document name: Print the document with the title of the document at the top of the page

Print sheet names: Print the document with the name of the sheet at the top of the page

Print page numbers: Print the document with the page number at the bottom of the page


The preview section displays the layout of the printing area with the selected parameters.

To print the document with the set parameters, click ОК.

The print window will open in the web browser you are using, where you can select additional settings (for example, select the printer and number of copies).

To close the Print Settings window without printing the document, click Cancel.

Automatic file printing is not available in Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers. You can save your file in the .pdf format and print it by yourself.
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