All actions on a sheet are performed within the area referred to as the Workspace.

By default, the workspace in a new sheet is a table that consists of 10 columns and 20 rows. Beyond the workspace, there is also an area that can be used to expand the Workspace. Cells outside the Workspace, that is in the expansion area, are colored gray. This color scheme helps to make the process of expanding the workspace intuitive and user-friendly.

Workspace borders expand automatically if you insert more rows or columns than the current workspace has.

To expand the workspace manually:

Double-click a cell in a row or column in the inactive area that you want to include in the workspace.

Right-click the row or column heading that you want to include in the Workspace and select the Add row/Add column context menu. The number of rows and columns is suggested by MyOffice Spreadsheet depending on the number of line or rows between the Workspace and the selected row or cell. When you expand the workspace to the right with a double click, the formatting is not copied.

Select any cell in a row or column before the expansion area. To enlarge the workspace by one or more columns, use the Tab key. To enlarge the workspace by one or more rows, click Enter.

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