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The user profile page has the following elements:

Profile header

In the header of the profile page the user can upload their photo and estimate the amount of free space for storing files using the storage space availability indicator.

You cannot change or add a photo (avatar) if the user's quota limit is reached.

Profile tab

The Profile tab contains the following elements which can be edited by the user:

First name, last name, middle name.

Company name, position, department, division and city.

Contact information: by changing the email address (personal or work) and phone number (mobile, home or work).

Notes to profile.

The data specified in the profile is available to other users in a pop-up window that appears when holding the cursor over the user's avatar.

Settings tab

Use the Settings tab for the following additional settings for your account:

Change recovery email.

Change password.

Change interface language.

Set the desired format when creating documents (by default, the user is prompted to select the format in a dialog box).


Enable/disable the function of opening documents of internal formats in the editor in the viewing mode (enabled by default during installation). If the function is disabled, the document will be opened in the editor according to the user access permissions.

The functions for setting up automatic conversion and opening a document in the editor will not be available on the Settings tab if they are disabled by the system administrator.

For more information about formats, auto-convert and document opening functions, see the help files for MyOffice Documents application (web version).

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