If you want to open spreadsheet from your device, use the Upload and open command. The file will be automatically uploaded to My documents folder in MyOffice Documents.

When you upload a file, it is converted into the internal format of the applications. If the format is supported by MyOffice editors, the file will open in the respective application. If the file cannot be converted, it will open in the view only format.

Users are allocated a certain storage space quota. When the storage limit is exceeded or almost reached, the users will receive the following notifications:

When approaching the set limit: A notification will be displayed above the Control bar that the file storage space is running out. This notification is a warning, and the user can continue working on files without interruption. You can hide the warning by clicking wind_close on the warning or by logging in to MyOffice web applications again. In case the quota problem persists the next day, the notification will be shown to the user once again.

The allocated quota limit has been reached: A notice will be displayed above the Control bar that the file storage space is running out. This warning cannot be hidden, no further operations with files are possible until the quota issue is solved.

To free up space, delete unnecessary files from the storage or contact your system administrator to increase the quota size.


To upload and open the file:

1.Click File > Upload and open. Or click Ctrl+O.

2.In the opened window, select the file and click Open.

3.When the uploading begins, a pop-up window will appear on your screen. If the file needs converting, it will be done automatically before uploading.

You cannot convert a password-protected document. When converting, you will be warned to delete the password and upload the document once again.

4. When the file is uploaded, you'll be notified with a pop-up window that the file is available for opening:

Click Open to open the file in the new browser tab. It will be available either for editing (text and spreadsheet files) or for viewing (presentations and .pdf files).

Click Cancel to close the upload window. The file will not be available for editing or viewing. The file will be available in My documents folder in the file storage of MyOffice Documents.

If you upload a document in .tsv, .tab, .scsv, .csv format, an additional dialog box will appear on the screen before conversion:


Specify the desired parameters in the form by choosing the encoding type and the delimiter used to separate the rows from the drop-down lists and check the desired box defining the column delimiter (multiple boxes can be checked). The right part of the form displays a preliminary layout of the document corresponding to the selected parameters.

Click ОК to finish. The document will be converted to the internal format with the specified parameters and opened for editing in a new tab of the web browser.

When you click Cancel, the upload window closes and the file is not opened for editing or viewing. The file will be then available in My Documents folder of MyOffice Documents storage.

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