In MyOffice Spreadsheet, multiple users can work on the same file. File owners can provide other users with the right to view, edit, or manage their files.

The following access rights can be provided to users: Can view, Can edit, Can manage, Access Denied.

The access rights to files or folders provided by other users can be modified by the owner and by the user with the rights to manage the file or folder.

Collaborative editing

You can edit a document simultaneously with other users if they also have access to it.

During the collaborative editing, you'll see the following elements:

The user profile pictures of the collaborators are displayed in the lower part of the Sidebar. When you hover your cursor over the co-author, a pop-up window will appear with detailed information about the user. If necessary, click the Details button on the pop-up notification to go to the page with contact information in MyOffice Contacts (if an email client is connected).

The pointer will take the colors of the user profile picture.

When one of the collaborators performs editing, the changes will be simultaneously displayed in the document. The Reviewing pane will also display the name of the collaborator editing the document.

If a user have the right Can view the document, the Read-only notification will be displayed on the Toolbar to the left of the user profile picture. The Toolbar will not contain any formatting or editing tools.

If the work with the document was paused for a long time (the pause time is set by the system administrator), the work of the user who paused for a long period will be interrupted, the window with the information about session closing will be displayed. The user can open the window again or go to the file storage by pressing the corresponding button in the window with the information about session closing.

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