In MyOffice Spreadsheet, multiple users can work on the same file. File owners can provide other users with the right to view, edit, or manage their files.

The following access rights can be provided to users: Can view, Can edit, Can manage and Access Denied.

The access rights to files or folders provided by other users can be modified by the owner and by the user with the rights to manage the file or folder.

Collaborative editing

You can edit a document simultaneously with other users if they also have access to it. During the collaborative editing, you'll see the following elements:

The avatars of the collaborators are displayed in the lower part of the Sidebar. If there are more than five collaborators, the sidebar will display four avatars of the collaborators. To view the list of collaborators, at the bottom of the Sidebar, click the button with the numbers corresponding to the number of hidden collaborators. When you hold the cursor over the collaborator's avatar, a pop-up window will appear with detailed information about the user. If necessary, click Details in the pop-up notification to go to the page with contact information in MyOffice Contacts (if MyOffice Mail is integrated).

The cells where collaborators are working are highlighted in the same color as the avatars of the collaborators. To move to the cell where the collaborator is in, left-click on his or her avatar in the Sidebar. If the row with the cell where the collaborator is in has not yet been loaded (by default, when opening a document, 1000 rows of the first open sheet and 100 rows of all subsequent sheets are loaded), the move will not occur and a message stating that the cell cannot be found will appear.

When a collaborator edits a document, the changes in the document are simultaneously displayed to the other collaborators.

If a user has the right Can view for the document, the Toolbar will not contain any formatting or editing tools.

If the work with the document has been paused for a long time (the pause time is set by the system administrator), the work of the user who has suspended the work for a long period of time will be interrupted, a window with information about closing the session will be displayed. When the session is closed, the data in the active cell is not saved. The user can open the window again or go to the file storage by clicking the corresponding button in the window with the information about session closing.

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