MyOffice Spreadsheet allows opening spreadsheet files from MyOffice Documents file storage, as well as local files stored on your computer, smartphone, tablet etc.

To open a document in the preview mode, select the View command from the context menu by right-clicking the file name.

You cannot preview a password-protected document. You will be warned to delete the password and upload the document once again.

The user is notified when a new version of the preview page is available if the document has been edited by another user.

In preview mode, the user can view the contents of the document, download the document, open it in edit mode, or send the tabular document for printing. Internal tabular documents are printed with automatic splitting into printed pages. Use the tabular document editor to control the splitting into printed pages.

The View feature allows you to select and copy the text of tabular documents of external formats and tabular documents of internal format (.xods). The data is copied to the clipboard without formatting.

For spreadsheets, there is a line where you can view the full contents of a cell, and also the feature to view notes to cells. To view notes, hover the mouse over the cell with the note (marked with a small green triangle in the upper right corner). For cells with formulas, the result of the calculation is displayed, not the formula itself.

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