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Application: Mail Web version

1.Move the cursor over the selected list and click the displayed button2_2 More list actions.

2.In the menu that opens, select the Change settings command.

3.Make the desired changes:

Enter a new name for the list (for other users who have access to this list, and for the owner of the list, the name will not change).

Uncheck/check the Receive task notifications box: The operation is only available for lists to which the access have been granted to other users. If the check box is selected, notifications about changes to tasks made by any user who has access to the list will be sent to the mail.

Select a new color to mark the list (for other users who have access to this list and the owner of the list, the color will not change).

Add or remove users who have been granted access to your task list. You can only grant access to your own list and only for internal users. To enter users, you can use the list of addresses that was copied to the clipboard when viewing an email, an event, or a group of contacts. You can also copy the list of users to the clipboard by selecting the 2_2Copy addresses command.

Click the Decline access button (displayed only for lists to which the user has been granted access to) or Delete task list (displayed only for the user's own lists). It is necessary to confirm/reject the operation in the dialog box that opens.

4.Confirm the changes by clicking the Save button located in the upper-right corner of the window. To interrupt the operation of changing the list, click the buttonBack_in_the_task located in the upper-left corner of the window, or the Cancel button located in the upper line of the window.

The lists for which the user refused to receive task notifications contain the 55 icon to the right of the name.

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