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The task management service allows you to keep to-do lists (tasks) for work and daily life, receive reminders and track the progress of tasks.

The task service is built into  MyOffice Calendar, but you can work with tasks in any of the sections of MyOffice Mail,  MyOffice Contacts and  MyOffice Calendar, as well as in third-party applications synchronized with MyOffice software.

Open the Taskbar

To open the Taskbar in the MyOffice Calendar, MyOffice Mail or MyOffice Contacts section, clicktasks_panel_botton Tasks. The Taskbar opens on the right side of the open tab of the current section.


Taskbar interface

The Taskbar looks like this:


The Taskbar is divided into three parts.

The upper part of the Taskbar contains the following controls:

Category  Select the category of tasks that are displayed in the task list (Due today, Upcoming, In progress, Overdue, All). The required category can be selected from the drop-down list, which opens when you left-click the name of the current category.

new_task: The button is designed to quickly create a new task.

24-refresh_calend Refresh: The button is used to update the task lists located in the middle part of the pane.

2_2 More: The button is used to go to the operation of creating a new task list.


The middle part of the Taskbar contains task lists.

By default, the main task list is automatically created for the user, which will include all created tasks, unless another list is specified in their parameters. If needed, you can create other task lists.

The user can create any number of new task lists, as well as provide access to their lists to other users. If other users have granted the current user access rights to their task lists, then such lists are also displayed on the Taskbar.

All task lists are displayed in the order they were created/added.

If the task list is collapsed, the number of tasks in the list is displayed to the right of the list name. To expand the task list, hover the cursor over the list line and click the knpk_next_change button that appears in place of the number of tasks.

The task lists of other users that have been granted access contain the list_shar tag to the right of the list name.

There is a tool above the task lists that allows you to sort tasks in the lists:


On the right is an arrowarrow_on_the_calendar that opens a drop–down list for selecting a task sorting option in the task lists.

On the left is the currently selected parameter and the sorting order of the tasks in the lists. Tasks can be sorted in ascending order of the parameter (arrowsort_up) or in descending order (arrowsort_down ). To change the sorting order, left-click the arrow.


The lower part of the Taskbar contains a list of completed tasks. To expand the list of completed tasks, click the button knpk_next_change located in the line with the name of the list.


Close the Taskbar

To close the Taskbar, click the knpk_del_close button in the upper-right corner of the pane.



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