The main interface page of MyOffice Contacts displays the following sections:

Navigation bar

The Navigation bar includes the following interface elements:

1.menu_contacts Applications menu button: The menu for selecting other applications or creating a new email or a new event. button for adding a new user or group.

3.User contact lists:

Corporate address book: Contains contacts of colleagues. This option is selected by default when opening the application.

Personal address book: Contains a personal address book.

Distribution groups address book: Contains groups of contacts created by the administrator.

My groups address book: Contains groups of contacts created by the user.

4.Resources available to the user:

Resources: Contains contacts of meeting rooms (to be filled in by the administrator).

Resource groups: Contains groups of meeting rooms (to be filled in by the administrator).

5.The 7 Avatar button to access the user profile or log out of the MyOffice account.

6.A group of access button (the button of the active application and the field of the active folder is highlighted):

8Help: Go to help materials.

9Settings: To go to settings.

10Mail: To go to MyOffice Mail , not displayed in collapsed form.

11Calendar: To go to MyOffice Calendar, not displayed in collapsed form.

12Contacts: To go to MyOffice Contacts application, not displayed in collapsed form.

7.Collapse button which allows you to collapse the Navigation bar. When collapsed, the button will look like 22Expand.

When you select the desired address book in the Navigation bar, a list of contacts contained in the selected address book will be displayed in the Workspace.

The Navigation bar can be collapsed or expanded using the 13Collapse or22Expand button at the bottom of the Navigation bar.


The Workspace contains the name of the active address book, the search buttons and the contact list of the active address book. The contacts in the list are sorted alphabetically by email addresses. If the contact does not have an email, it is displayed on the last pages in the general contact list.

Contacts in the list are presented in the form of mini panels. The following information is displayed on each mini panel:

User's avatar

Name/email address of the contact/group

When you select the necessary contact in the Workspace, information about the contact/group/resource will be displayed in the Reading pane, a Toolbar appears at the top of the contact list containing commands for working with the selected contacts:

3_3Send a message

1_1Create an event


Reading pane

The Reading pane displays the information of the active contact/group/resource selected in the interface Workspace, and the 24 Tasks button to go to the Task bar.

Contact pages

Due to the large number of contacts, the list is automatically divided into several pages. Each of the pages displays the number of contacts specified in the settings. If there are more contacts, they are transferred to the next page and then to the following pages.

Navigating the pages can be ensured using the panel at the bottom of the list.

When clicking knpk_forward or knpk_back , the next/previous page opens.

When clicking knpk_go_to_end or knpk_go_to_begin ,the first/last page opens. These buttons appear as soon as there are more than 5 pages with contacts.

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