To change the calendar properties, do one of the following:

On the Menu Bar, select Edit > Calendar Properties.

Open the calendar pane, go to the calendar list. Select the calendar, right-click the context menu and select Properties.

On the Toolbar, click the menu call button calendar_menu_btnMyOffice Mail menu. In the menu that appears, select Events and Tasks > Calendar Properties.

A pane containing the calendar properties will appear on the screen.


Update the calendar properties if necessary:

1.Calendar name

2.Event color


4.Calendar address

5.Calendar update period

6.The possibility to edit events (read-only)

7.Displaying alerts.

8.Setting up autonomous operation.

9.Email address

To set up notifications about upcoming events, click Add notification. A new line will be added to the list. Configure the notification display time, as well as the category based on the following options:

before the event starts

after the event starts

before the end of the event

after the end of the event


Click Global Notification Settings to go to the page Calendar Settings.

Click OK to save the calendar properties and close the dialog panel.

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