MyOffice Private Cloud is a set of secure web services and applications for storing, accessing and collaborating with files and documents within a company.

The product includes the following applications for working in web browsers and on mobile devices:

MyOffice Documents is a web application for organizing structured file storage, performing operations with files and folders, and selecting sharing settings.

MyOffice Text is a web editor for fast and convenient creation and formatting of text documents of any complexity.

MyOffice Spreadsheet is a web editor for creating spreadsheets, running calculations, analyzing data, and creating summary reports.

MyOffice Presentation is a web application for viewing and displaying presentations.

MyOffice Documents for mobile platforms is a universal application for accessing work-related documents, jointly editing texts, spreadsheets, and viewing presentations.


The product includes the following server systems:

A data storage system for securely storing corporate files and providing authorization, authentication, and differentiation of user access rights.

Editing and collaboration system for individual and collaborative editing of text and spreadsheet documents.

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