Once the product is started, you'll see the welcome page of MyOffice Private Cloud with the following elements:

Login and Password boxes (use your email address if you had already been registered with MyOffice Private Cloud).

Forgot password? hyperlink to recover the password.

Log In button.

Registration hyperlink.

Privacy Policy hyperlink to find out more about the privacy policy.

Terms of Service hyperlink to find out more about the product terms of service.

About hyperlink to find out more about the product.

Interface language switch button.

knpk_help Help button. Clicking this button will open a window containing the contact details of the technical support service and the Contact support hyperlink (if an email client is connected). When this hyperlink is clicked, the default email client set in the operating system is opened and an email pre-adressed to the technical support is created. The email will also contain necessary technical details about the current status of MyOffice Private Cloud.

Change interface language

To change the interface language:

1.Click the interface switch button on the right upper corner of the welcome page.

2.Select the preferred language from the list.


To log in to MyOffice Private Cloud:

1.Enter your login into the Login box (if you had already been registered with MyOffice Private Cloud, use your email address as your login).

2.Enter your password in the Password box.
By default, the password entered is automatically hidden behind dots as follows: img_hiden_password. To display the password, click knpk_show_password. To hide the password again, click knpk_hide_password.

3.Click Log In.

If the password was entered incorrectly more than five times, an additional field will appear on the screen to enter a security code (captcha). This code is required to ensure protection against harmful attacks of automated services (including bots, spam, flood). To change a captcha picture, click Update image. Enter the captcha text and repeat the authentication procedure.

If you forgot your password, use the password recovery option.

If you have successfully logged in to MyOffice Private Cloud, the main navigation page of MyOffice Private Cloud will be displayed on the screen.

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