MyOffice Text records the following changes made to a document and displays them on the Reviewing pane:

Text entered

Image inserted


Elements deleted

Text formatted

Changes and comments made to a document itself or to headers or footers are displayed to the right of the document on the Reviewing pane (displayed as an additional field on the right side of the document).

Every change or comment contains:

Short description.

The profile picture of the user who made the comment.

A dashed line to show the position of the change or comment in the document.


Displaying changes and comments

MyOffice Text has the following changes and comments display mode:

Original Document: The document displays the confirmed changes only. The Reviewing pane is not displayed. The Review menu commands are not displayed. Once new changes are made to the document, the Original Document mode is disabled automatically.

Markup Changes: All changes made in the Markup Changes mode are marked with a color. If the document is being edited by multiple users, changes are marked using a dedicated color for each of the editors. All unconfirmed changes are displayed in the Reviewing pane. If the Markup Changes mode is off, changes made to the document are not highlighted, but are displayed in the body of the document.

Strikthrough deletions: All fragments deleted while the Track changes mode is on are displayed strikethrough in the text and duplicated in the Reviewing pane. You can enable or disable the Strikthrough deletions mode only when the Markup Changes mode is on. If the Strikthrough deletions mode is disabled, all deleted fragments are only displayed on the Reviewing pane.

Callouts: All changes made to the document in the Track changes mode are displayed on the Reviewing pane. The Review menu displays additional commands: Changes (enable/disable display of changes on the Reviewing pane), Text comments (enable/disable display of text comments on the Reviewing pane), Audio comments (enable/disable display of audio comments on the Reviewing pane). If the Callouts mode is off, changes made to the document in the Track changes mode are displayed in the body of the document, the Reviewing pane is hidden, and the additional commands of the Review menu (Changes, Text comments, Audio comments) are not available.

To change the mode of displaying changes, select it from the drop-down list:

On the Command menu, select Tools > Review.

Use the Review menu on the Control bar.

You can filter the display of changes and comments. To filter, use the Review menu on the Control bar or the Tools command menu.

Short description of changes and comments

Clicking on a change in the list on the Reviewing pane opens its brief description with of the reviewer's name and the date of change.

If in the full description of the change the inserted or deleted text takes more than five lines, the description displays five initial lines of the changed fragment and the Show more button.

To minimize the display of the full description of the change, click anywhere in the document.

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