If you want to share your ideas and add comments to the text, you can add text or audio comments.

In the current version of MyOffice Text you can listen to audio comments. You can create audio comments using the mobile version of MyOffice Text.

By default, the comments made in the document are displayed on the Reviewing pane. You can quickly move between comments the same way you would move between changes.

You can change the comment display mode in the same way you would change the change display mode.

When copying and inserting texts with comments, texts will keep the comments when inserted to a new place.

Add text comment

To add a text comment:

1.Place the pointer where you want to insert a comment. Or select the text that you want to comment.

2.Enter the comment editing mode in one of the following ways:

Click Insert > Comment.

On the Sidebar, click Comment.

Right-click the text or the selected fragment and select Add comment from the context menu.

3.In the box that appears to the right, enter the comment text.

4.Click the Save button in the comment field. Or click anywhere in the document.

Only text data can be entered in the comment box. Formatting comments is not possible.

Empty comments are automatically deleted.

Listen to audio comment

To listen to an audio comment, click the Audio comment button on the Reviewing pane. The button will transform into an audio player and the recording will be played.

You can edit your document while listening to the audio comment. If you need to stop the recording, click К_Пауза Pause. To resume, click К_Слушать Play. To play the recording faster, click К_Скорость воспроизведения Playback Speed.

To rewind or forward the recording, click the desired mark on the playback scale.

Edit text comment

To edit a comment, place the pointer on the comment. Or click the comment box to select it and click knpk_recomEdit Comment in the upper corner of the comment.

The text of the comment will be available for editing.

Change the text of the comment and click Save or click anywhere in the document. To exit the comment editing mode without saving changes, press Esc.

If you deleted a comment text and then clicked Save or clicked anywhere in the document, the comment will be deleted automatically.

Copy a comment

A text comment can be copied to the clipboard.

To copy the comment, select the comment field by double-clicking the left mouse button, select the part of the comment to be copied and perform one of the following actions

Right-click the selected part of the comment and select Copy in the context menu.

Press Ctrl+C.

Insert the copied comment in the standard ways.

Copy text with comments

You can copy the text with comments (either text or audio) within a document and between multiple documents in MyOffice Text.

To copy a text with a comment, select the commented text entirely. If you copy a part of the commented text, the comment will not be copied. The copying and pasting of commented text is done in a usual way.

The current version of the application does not support copying comments added to tables.

Delete comment

If you want to delete any comment, move the pointer over the comment. Or select the comment box by clicking on it and do one of the following:

Click knpk_del_com Delete comment next to the comment on the Reviewing pane.

In the Review menu of the Control bar, click knpk_del_com Delete all to delete all comments

To delete a comment, you can enter the comment editing mode, delete the entire text of the comment and click Save or click anywhere in the document.

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