A footnote is a reference or explanatory information for a word or paragraph of a text.

A footnote contains the following elements:

A footnote mark placed immediately after the word or paragraph to which it refers.

The footnote number and text placed at the bottom of the page, below the separator bar following the main text.

The current version of MyOffice Text supports the continuous numbering of footnotes within the entire document. Footnotes are numbered in Arabic numerals.

The following options are not available for working with a footnote text:

Find and Replace

Spelling & Grammar

Track changes


Insert a footnote

You can insert a footnote anywhere in the document except headers and footers.

To insert a footnote:

1.Specify the place to insert a footnote in of the following ways:

Place the pointer in the required place of the text.

Select a fragment of text where you want a footnote to appear.

Place the pointer in the required cell of the table.

Select a cell or range of cells where you want to add a footnote. The footnote appears after the last character of the lower right cell.

2.Insert a footnote using one of the following tips:

On the Command menu, click Insert and then click Footnote.

On the Toolbar, select the Insert section and click t_more. In the opened insert pane, click t_insert_footnote .

Press Ctrl+Alt+F.

3.A footnote mark appears in the specified place in the document, and the footnote number appears at the bottom of the page. Enter the text of the footnote after its number.

If the document does not contain other footnotes, the added footnote is assigned a number one. If the document contains other footnotes, the added footnote is assigned an ordinal number corresponding to its location relative to the other footnotes.

Navigate to a footnote

Press Ctrl and click the footnote mark in the main body of the document to go to a footnote. The pointer automatically moves to the footnote text at the end of the page.

Edit and format a footnote

Editing and formatting of the footnote text is performed the same way as editing or formatting the main text of a document.

Delete a footnote

To delete a footnote, do one of the following steps:

Remove the footnote mark in the main body of the document. The number and text of the footnote at the end of the page will be deleted automatically.

Select the text in the footnote or place the pointer anywhere on footnote at the end of the page. Right-click the selected text, and then click Delete Footnote on the shortcut menu. The footnote mark in the main document body will be deleted automatically.

When you remove a footnote, the numbering of the remaining footnotes is automatically updated.

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