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Macros are small programs that automate the execution of lengthy or frequently repeated operations in a presentation. To develop macros in MyOffice Presentation (Beta), the Lua programming language is used.

As a rule, macros are used to solve the following tasks:

Add text

Search and replace throughout text

Delete text

Creating, editing and deleting macros is possible only in the desktop version of the MyOffice software. In the web version, it is only possible to start their execution.

If there are macros in the presentation, then in the Tools command menu, the Run macro item is displayed, which opens access to the list of macros in the presentation.

During the execution of the macro, work with the presentation is blocked by a message about the execution of the macro.

If the macro failed for some reason (for example, an error in the macro itself), an error message will be displayed on the screen.

Launching and executing VBA macros in MyOffice Presentation (Beta) is not supported. After converting to edit a .pptm file into an internal format, macros will be displayed in the Command menu under Tools > Run macro, but will not be able to be executed.


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