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To find calendars that an active user has been granted access to by other users, you need to:

1.Click knpk_new_calendar the Add calendar button in the Shared with me line.

2.In the window that opens, select a calendar from the list of available calendars by switching the slider on the right side of the row of the desired calendar. To search for the desired calendar, you can use the search bar. Enter the name of the calendar or part of the email address of the user whose available calendars you want to find. The search results will be automatically displayed below the search bar as you enter data.

3.To exit the form for connecting available calendars, click Close.

Connected calendars are displayed with the name of the calendar owner in the Shared with me section of the Navigation bar.

To disable another user's available calendar, repeat the operation by switching the slider in the row of the unnecessary calendar to the inactive state.

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