Application: Text Web version

A text document may contain tables created in MyOffice or third-party editors. If the document loaded in MyOffice contains a table with rotated text in its cells, the converted text will be saved and shown in MyOffice Text. You can select and copy the rotated text.

The following actions with tables are available in the application:

Insert a table into MyOffice Text file.

Add or delete a row or column.

Merge or split a cell.

Delete a table.

Copy to the clipboard.

Cut and paste to the clipboard.

Change the size of cells.

Move a table.

Adjust the borders and the cell filling.

The following actions can be performed using MyOffice Text:

Displaying rotated text in table cells created in third-party editors and copying this text.

Displaying tables around which the text is wrapped created in third-party editors, editing text and working with links (creation, transition, editing, deletion) in these tables. Editing the content of tables in footers is not available.

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