Application: Text Web version

1.Place the cursor in the cell that is in the row or column to be deleted.

2.Delete a row or column in one of the following ways:

In the Command menu, select Table and select the commands to delete rows or columns.

Use either the к_удалить_стр or к_удалить_стб button on the Toolbar.

Right-click on the cell and select the command to delete a row or column in the context menu (the set of commands in the context menu depends on the cursor location within the table and the selected cells).

Press Alt+Ctrl+R (option Option+command Cmd+R) to delete a row and Alt+Ctrl+U (option Option+command Cmd+U) to delete a column.

When deleting columns and/or rows in a table, all cells of the selected columns and/or rows are deleted along with their content.
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