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By default, all borders of all cells are displayed when you create a table.

To modify the parameters of borders of cells or ranges, follow these steps:

1.Select a cell or a range you want to change the borders of.

2.On the Toolbar, click the arrow to the right of the knpk_cell_borders button.

3.In the opened menu, set the following parameters:

In the first section, specify the position of the borders.

In the second section, specify the type of the borders.

In the third section, specify the color of the borders.

If the No border option is selected in the first or second block, cell borders are displayed as light gray lines. These lines conditionally separate cells and simplify work with the table. Conditional cell borders are not displayed when printing and exporting documents to PDF format.

You can also select the way borders are displayed using the Table > Borders menu in the Command menu. Select between No borders, All borders, and Outside borders.

No borders and All borders modes are mutually exclusive.
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